tictoc are a lifestyle company, the directors and founders have excelled in their respective fields of design and IT.


James ennis
Ennis a designer by trade, Co-founder of tictoc, has exhibited carried out workshops and presented papers through out Europe on aspects of the tictoc concept. After nearly 10 years based in Milan, in 2011 he moved back to Ireland to set up tictoc, understanding with ITC the concept can soon become a reality. Apart from his desire to make things better for humans and the environment, he has been awarded by the European Commission for his Bee-Diverse project, a micro habitation for butterflies, ladybirds and bee’s.


james Carroll
Carroll is all about systems and removing constraints, starting out with one of the most complex, the Human body, a qualified physical therapist before stepping over the body and into the virtual domain! He has 28 years of experience in the IT space, within MNC’s (Yahoo/Microsoft) and energy driven startups (GOA Games/Tictoc) a great eye for art an avid gardener, with this understanding of the physical and natural bio-systems, he can understand a complex vision, and pulls it all back to ‘1’s and ‘0’s.

tomi h

Tomi Hiltunen
Tomi is a full-on hacker with also a keen eye on design and usability. Tomi has eight years of experience working in the field in positions ranging from software developer to CEO and advisor. Tomi keeps an eye on the latest improvements in the industry utilizing viable new technologies. Tomi is also an university undergraduate, a lecturer and has filed and received patents in the past.

Kazuo Inumaru
Inumaru was raised in Japan and Italy. After Tokyo, he studied Social Anthropology at Cambridge (UK), and in 1977 started teaching at Cà Foscari, the University of Venice. A few years later and after an experience at Jetro (Japan External Trade Organization), he founded Studio Inumaru (Oriens), a consulting company for Italian and Japanese organizational research and consulting activities. His Key areas of interest include: Management consulting, Japan- West Relations, Production Organization, Knowledge Management, Inter-cultural managerial training, Change management, Creative solutions.

Jameesh Moidunny
Jameesh is tictoc’s latest team member ! A Web Application Developer with over 4 years of international experience in multiple companies in Ireland and India. Jameesh is doing Masters in Cloud Computing in National College of Ireland. Aside from Science and technology, he is interest in disaster and humanitarian relief, education and social services.



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