Preparing for a new energy Economy – Educate, learn and co-create.

tictoc are a lifestyle and consumer facing company who’s core principals evolve through Emotion, Engineering and Excellence. We generate new business models from Insights that provide evoking and engaging customer services.

tictoc Platforms is a globally dispersed milti-disaplined team, focused on innovation within the Internet of Thing’s, Smart Grid and Community platforms. Using Design thinking and Agile methods, we develop customer experiences, not solely for the customer, but for their extended audience.

tictoc are a lifestyle company, the directors and founders have excelled in their respective fields of design and IT. Passionate about building products that excite consumers and creating industry changing paradigm shifts through technology, our main areas of expertise include:


  • Application design and development
  • Product design and development
  • Rapid prototyping/User testing
  • Design iteration/Lead development
  • New business model generation
  • Database and Big Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud computing and processing
  • API integration
  • Payments Systems
  • Community Platforms

tictoc solutions are ambidextrous, developed in joint venture partnerships with hardware and software technology providers in vertical markets